Full Access Website

Full Access Website

Full Access Website means we Setup website for you with readymade script According to your requirement you can Make your own website with full access Header, Footer, Sidebar, Page, Post and much more feature…

2. Email Forwarders UNLIMITED
3. Webmail IDs UNLIMITED
4. Daily post UNLIMITED
5. Web-Space UNLIMITED*
6. Domain name .com .in Free cost up to Rs. 1000/-
7. Fully Responsive  Yes
  • Contact us or Feedback tool
  • Live chat Support for your customers***
  • Automatic promotion on website With SEO.
  • Pictures with Slider Feature.

Price Only on 15000 Onwards

Send your details We contact you shortly


  • * Webspace Unlimited with limited cpu resources.
  • ** Make user like admin, editor, contributer and subscriber.
  • *** Live chat setup fee is additional and 1000 – 5000 for One Time/Yearly .

What is the script?
We set up WordPress with free version themes and plugin. If anytime Customers want and upgrade website then able to buy pro version themes and plugins after Notify our support team. all themes and plugins terms and policy according to providers.
we are not responsible for any type of changes and upgradations from the theme providers or plugin providers and buy any pro version from website users its own responsibility.

Can I access all wordpress features?

Yes, you can access all WordPress features if you want. otherwise we setup website according to need and Show some features in admin panel some features hide in admin panel because we want to best service provider in our customers if the customer wants to show all features in admin panel then any contact our live chat help support for activating all features.
then customer decisions and own responsibility to website script, if any changes own script then can face any errors then we are not responsible for any changes after showing all features in the admin panel.

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