What we are provide to website users

What we are provide to website users

Your success is our Goal! 

What’s our Domain services and pricing ?

Domain name .com .in you can search and book your domain name according to your choice and your business time period as long as you want to run your business. Visit: www.discoverofsolutions.in and check all required domains and pricing you can see here

Web hosting and servers 

Basically, All website developers say is cheap and best price for web hosting But Reality is different.

Because, If cheap then-No best, and If Best Then No Cheap.

We want to be a part of your Company’s/Business’s success by helping your business evolve. We always aim to get the job done right on time and on the budget so you can concentrate on what you do best – running your business.

If we use cheap pricing’s web hosting then we can’t give best web services to our clients.

because If our client’s website is Down then we can lose our clients we are not want to lose our clients.
So we use cloud and Linux Shared Hosting basic packages for our startup clients.

Online tools and softwares

Online Market available lot of readymade tools and software, But we believe in only on our tools and software which we developed, If we use readymade then we depend on third-party updations and someone does not provide updations right time according to our clients need and we can lose our clients.
We can’t wait for next updations dependency on third-party products.
Your discoverofsolutions.com experts will make updates to your site as needed and Software development team always here to support for clients and update DS products time to time. DS team develop online database projects, Software development and designing according to clients requirements/needs, Now we are developed hospital appointment System with SMS integration. This appointment System source DS Copyrighted only.

Why we use WordPress for some clients?

First Reason is  free of cost and open source, functionality is too much  and everyone no have budget to develop a tool like this and we are not recommended to all of you because this tool is only for the starter business. if you start the business with WordPress then you need themes and plugins to fully setup and if you want to make changes in the website then you need to buy a pro version, All themes, and plugins you want to buy pro version it all is costly.

 we recommended you if you want to do long run your business then have to develop your own website according to your requirements.

Why you need SSL ?

Millions of online businesses use SSL certificates to secure their websites and allow their customers to make trust in them. In order to use the SSL protocol, A web server requires the use of an SSL certificate.

SSL helps prevent attackers or intrusive companies such as ISPs from tampering with the data sent between your websites and your users’ browsers. It is critical for protecting sensitive information such as a credit card numbers but it also protects your site from malware and prevents others from injecting advertisements into your resources.

SSL is the backbone of our secure Internet and it protects your sensitive information as it travels across the world’s computer networks. SSL is essential for protecting your website, even if it doesn’t handle sensitive information like credit cards. It provides privacy, critical security and data integrity for both your websites and your users’ personal information.

Why did we recommend DS website backup services?


Discover of Solutions offer the Website Backup Services to all of you to save your time, your work and your Money, because time is money, and the website is a tool like a big factory can make money.

Why Backing Up Your Website Is So Important

website threats are very real. Backing up your website helps you to safeguard against those threats.

1. Website Hackers

Unfortunately, hackers have become commonplace on the web. While the aim of a hacker may be to steal credit card numbers and other sensitive information, often people hack websites merely to prove themselves or cause trouble. If your website is online, there is always the chance that it may become compromised.

2. Computer Catastrophes

Storing a copy of your files on your computer is a good idea, but should your machine crash, get lost, or fall off a cliff, then your files will be gone with it. Backing up your files remotely is a more practical option in the event that something happens to your machine.

3. Updates Gone Wrong

Regular updates refer to updated features and increased security, but they don’t always go as planned. This is why WordPress always tells you to perform a backup before updating. Websites have multiple components, including plugins, themes, software, and back-end programming. An awry update to any of these can take an entire website offline for any amount of time.

4. Malware and Viruses

Viruses, trojan horses, and other malware can find their way into your website even via third parties that are normally safe. You can download them unknowingly with a theme or plugin, or they can slip in through a chink in your firewall’s armor. Having backup files means that you’ll be prepared just in case your site starts acting mysteriously weird.

5. Employee’s Errors

The truth is that people make mistakes. It’s perfectly possible that an employee or contractor might click a wrong button or delete a necessary file by accident. When you backup your files, there’s less chance that human error will mess up your operations.

if you want to know more about Discover of Solutions then you can visit our website www.discoverofsolutions.com we are happy to help you.

Thanks for giving us your golden Time.

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